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Network alert system that quickly gets the message out in the case of a crisis.  When safety is always the top priority, seconds count, quick alerts to the people that count is paramount

Fast Alert Notifications

Quick access to user dashboard for alert message deployment.

A Better Way to Automate Emergency Alert Notification Easy to deploy, Install on the PC workstations you want to be part of your alert notification and that is it. The number of CovertCall instances is controlled via your license. If CovertCall is installed on 10 PC's and your license only supports 8, then the firts 8 to start up will be able to run the CovertCall program.

Alert Selection 1

Alert Selection 2

No bulky network server is required

CovertCall does not require a network server to operate. CovertCall is based on a set of network seats.  CovertCall can work for two computers or 255 computers and operates over your existing network.  Just install the CovertCall software on all the computers on your network and it magically links to all other computers with CovertCall installed.  

Any Computer can initiate an alert and all others will receive it!

Hot Key for instant Panic Alert Activation

CovertCall has a built in hot key that only requires three key clicks to send out a "PANIC ALERT".  The hot key works regardless of whether or not the CovertCall main screen is open.  As CovertCall is always running in the background the hot key is always ready to go.  To prevent any accidental activation it requires a three key click activation, "ALT, Shift, P" to send out the Panic Alert.

A Crisis Alert Solution

Mass Notifications - From 2 to 255 computers all receive the alert at the same time. Cost is based on a per user license. Discounts for multi user licenses. Base cost for two user setup: $20.00

Interface to other Systems

Interface to other Systems CovertCall can be setup to interface to other systems via DRY CONTACT OUTPUT RELAYS. Each critical alert has an associated dry contact output. Medical and Panic share a common dry contact output.

EXAMPLE: In a "Lockdown" situation you could use the dry contact output to signal the buildings access control system to lock down all doors.
Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have an answer.

What Services will CovertCall Work On?

Currently CovertCall is a windows based system. CovertCalll will only run on a local LAN network.

What are concurrencies?

CovertCall is based on a set of network seats.  CovertCall can work for two computers or 255 computers and operates over your existing network.

What kind of support does CovertCall provide?

CovertCall provides a web-based support and a community forum.  Support can also be setup via Team Viewer at an extra cost.

What happens when my plan expires?

Client Licenses do not expire.

Is there a free trial available?

Upon request a 30 day demo version can be provided for a three user install.  CovertCall can be install on more than 3 PC workstations but only the first 3 to start up will work.

After the trial period a new license can be purchased to activate full time the three users or additional users can be added on at that time.

Can I upgrade my CovertCall Program later?

Currently upgrades are provided free of charge to licensed users.

Utilizes Existing Building Network

Installation Guidelines for CoverCall

Check out the installation guidelines for CovertCall

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