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Here we will breakdown "How To Use ProjectLink"
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Start using ProjectLink - Step 2 - User Defaults 2 years 3 months ago #3

ProjectLink has several default settings that can be setup that are unique to each user.  To access the user Defaults click on the Gear icon with "Menu" next to it in the upper right hand corner.  Then select "User Default Setup Information".

From this window you enter in your personal information that will be used in the program when you generate new entries such as Projects, or any of the associated project related items such as Proposals, transmittals, etc.
Other entries:
  • On this window you can link in the default logo for your company that will appear on most of the generated print outs from the program.
  • For Project Notes you can set the Click words that will change the entry line to the color noted for that click word.   This click word represents the keyword entry added to the project note.
  • For proposal default Labor rates can be added. They also can also be changed or updated at the time a proposal is generated or updated.
  • Warranty Defaults.  This window contains all the default warranty statement information used in a printed  "Warranty Statement".  The default info can be changed at anytime on the project update window if there are certain criteria for specific projects.
  • Default Settings has three parts, Default Directories, Project Visual Indicators, and Email Signature.
  • The default directory lookup can be set as to where you link the project program to for Photo look ups, Excel Sheets, and you Document (PDF Files) look ups.
  • The Project Visual Indicators allows the user to turn on or off the colors used in the project window which represent different stages of the project.
  • The default email Signature is not used for all email creations but does provide one for several email generations.  The reason it is not done for all is because a blank body when open in Outlook will use the outlook default signature.
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